OUT NOW: The Crew Motorfest Original Game Soundtrack

Blue Stahli is a surgeon of sound. He stitches together chopped up guitars, bass synths, electro beats, and vocal hooks into lush mixes of varying genres with surprising prowess and authenticity. In one turn, his catalog will take a listener from metallic heaviness to electronic ambience.

Influenced by movies such as Hackers, Johnny Mnemonic, Bubblegum Crisis, and other 90s cyberpunk, Blue Stahli started making music in the tracker programs Scream Tracker and Impulse Tracker (which were a big part of the demoscene and used to create videogame soundtracks). The modern tracker, Renoise, continues to be Blue Stahli’s canvas of choice for producing his brand of electronic rock, bass music, French electro and even sophisticated videogame scores in the tradition of the original tracker pioneers.
Beginning in 2009 with his smash single, ULTRAnumb, Blue Stahli continues to blend genres and media having appeared in films and TV shows such as Lights Out and American Horror Story in addition to creating original songs for videogames like Cyberpunk 2077, and appearing in trailers for Destiny 2, and Call of Duty. As an evolving and prolific songwriter, producer, and artist, he has released 11 studio albums including the deadchannel_Trilogy consisting of Quartz, Copper, and Obsidian. He also releases material under his secondary moniker, Sunset Neon.
Blue Stahli’s latest release, Break and Enter, is a collaboration with DJ and fellow producer, Hyper. The track fuses elements of their electronic rock, breakbeat, metal, and cyberpunk styles together in this electro punk rock single.