These are estimated deadlines to receive items by December 25 via Standard Shipping.

NOTE: We may experience out of stock items or production delays during the busy holiday shopping season. Please check back if something is showing out of stock, or purchase a Blue Stahli Gift Card!

U.S. [Updated 11/28]

Shirts and hoodies: Dec 12
Kids & Youth: Dec 12
Embroidered hats: Dec 12
Mugs: Dec 12
Stickers: Dec 13


Shirts and hoodies: Dec 14
Kids & Youth: Dec 14
Embroidered hats: Dec 14
Mugs: Dec 14
Stickers: Dec 14


Shirts and hoodies: Dec 09
Kids & Youth: Dec 09
Embroidered hats: Dec 09
Mugs: Dec 09
Stickers: Dec 09

Australia & New Zealand

Shirts and hoodies: Dec 11
Kids & Youth: Dec 11
Embroidered hats: Dec 09
Mugs: Dec 07
Stickers: Dec 06


Shirts and hoodies: Dec 15
Kids & Youth: Dec 15
Embroidered hats: Dec 15
Mugs: Dec 15
Stickers: Nov 30

Wishing you and yours safe and happy Blue Stahlidays!